How to Become a Supplier

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How do I become a Vendor with CC Distributors, inc.?

Submit a brief history of your company along with a list of products you wish us to consider. A list of distributors you are currently supplying would be helpful. The company representation and a brief company philosophy of how you go to market and where your product(s) fit in. 

How do I submit my products to CC Distributors?

Once you have made contact with us to become a vendor you will need to submit your items to the appropriate buyer of your product. See the attached list of departments and buyers (Click Here for Merchandising Department Listing)

What format do I submit product images in?

Images must be submitted in the highest resolution posible in either a jpeg,...

How do I submit a Drop Ship Program to CC Distributors?

You first must be a Vendor of CC Distributors, inc. You will submit your program to the appropriate Buyer. All programs both warehouse and drop ship must be approved by the Buyer. You submit a drop ship program the same way you submit a product for our consideration.

How can I check the status of an invoice?

Please call (361) 289-0200 and ask for the Accounts Payable department.

How can CC Distributors help me promote my product to the Retailer?

We have many ways to promote your items. Once your Buyer has approved the items, they can help you decide which or all of the vehicles we have would be best.  The CC Distributors.Com web site is also a very popular tool for getting your products in front of the dealer. Theses are just a few ways we can get your product promoted to the retailer but most important of all are our joint ideas for promoting your products. The sky is the limit for ideas and we welcome all ideas and suggestions.

What is CC Distributors doing in Electronic Commerce?

CC Distributors, inc. has committed to utilizing state of the art technology in communicating with business partners. We also strive to offer e-commerce marketing tools to both Retailers and Vendors. 


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